Your Donation, Their Health

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When You Donate

When you donate to Community HealthWorks, 100% of your contribution helps our most
vulnerable clients cover unmet health needs, including copays, medicine, food, transportation,
and rent. Meeting these basic needs makes it easier to address complex issues like behavioral
health problems, substance use disorders, and chronic illnesses like diabetes. In other words,
providing support for housing and food can improve health on multiple levels.

To date, we’ve used donation funds to purchase a car seat for a family upon discharge from the
hospital, cover copays so clients don’t go without the treatment they need, bridge funding for
rent to keep a client housed, and much more.

Your donation directly covers these costs, providing families and individuals with financial
assistance for services beyond restricted grants and program dollars. This includes bridge
funding for rent, out-of-pocket expenses for medication, eyeglasses, dental surgery, infant car
seats, legal assistance fees, food, and other health service-related expenses.

Impact of Your Gift

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